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0 to 60mph quickly! Seeing a SEO campaign pay dividends.

There are few things as rewarding as just seeing traffic going up every week in Google Analytics. Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the details. We forget that just doing the basic elements of search engine optimisation can be lucrative. No need to talk about semantic mark up, or the impact of social as a ranking signal. The most powerful thing a SEO can do is actually to do some SEO. Hot air isn’t a ranking signal (sadly for a lot of people). This is what I’ve been up to the past couple of months.

1) Find a moderate volume keyword to rank for

This took a few good hours to be fair. If the average est CPC in Adwords is greater than £20 that usually means those in the paid positions are monetising the traffic really well. A challenge is to get a good balance between competitiveness and volume. No good trying to rank for something that will take months when all I want is fairly instant gratification.

2) Spend weekend  building a website

This is usually WordPress. Create some page templates and spend the rest of the day breaking and fixing stylesheets. Absolutely love the developer tools as part of Chrome.

3) Spend another weekend creating content

I find this one of the most difficult tasks. I don’t spin or scrape any content. I actually research the area and then write up some decentish content. As time goes on, I’ll slowly see the bounce rate drop.

4) Spend further weekend linkbuilding. 

When linkbuilding really quickly, I like to mitigate the risk of tripping any filters by leading primarily with brand/URL anchor text. The bulk of my backlink profile will predominately be like this, about 90% and when I get a really high authority/trust link, I’ll opt for some money anchor text.

5) See traffic to the site grow

Frequently check Google Analytics, and occasionally even watch it in real time.

6) Start making £1k per week from the site.

Open a bottle of champagne and book a holiday in the Canary Islands. Good work, job done.



Doesn’t look too shoddy in Searchmetrics either…




So, what do you think ?