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  • teeko |

    I see this on my homepage yes and it annoys me, as any thing does which moves when I don’t expect it. Google has just been fired as my home page. Seriously, most of us know how to click and explore without animated reminders.

  • Joel |

    I am already a google plus member, and I still get the arrow. I get the need to advertise, but any annoying feature needs an easy and permanent “go away” button.

  • fuckgoogle |

    fuckgoogle and their stupid shit. go back to just a white webpage that i can search with.

  • NicAnnoyed |

    Is this shite blue arrow a permanent feature or will it quietly go away in a day or two?

  • Nicolaj |

    Why oh why??? Google is step by step getting more and more bloated with useless timewasting gimmicks … I remember the days when Google was effective first and foremost. Now it’s RAM hungry design over function. And since all major search engines just rip off Google, they’re just as useless. It’s time for some new competitors to show themselves.

So, what do you think ?