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New ‘Communication Ad Extensions’ for Google Adwords

Haven’t seen this before.

This is what appears when you click on request call…

… and finally request email.

EDIT: Our Google rep has just confirmed this to be new 🙂 They’re called communication ad extensions, are a free way to get leads, therefore won’t appear in the Adwords UI and only appear for 10% of queries. Currently in alpha.

How does Google determine domain age?

This week I’ve given thought as to how Google determines domain age. I recently picked up a dropped domain that has previously been registered since 2007. I was feeling quite chuffed with picking up an aged domain, but then I give it some thought as to how Google would determine the age of a domain and perhaps my acquisition wasn’t as good as it first seems.

Market Samurai, a SEO tool has a feature entitled ‘SEO competition’. It essentially collects data for a variety of on page and off page factors allowing one to quickly assess how easy it is to target a niche. One of the factors it collects data for is domain age. Market Samurai uses the earliest record in archive.org to suggest how old a domain is.

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The ongoing debate SEO vs PPC – SES Chicago 09

boxingI’ve been following some of the SES Chicago 09 coverage and the ultimate battle came up, SEO vs PPC. Representing SEO was David Naylor who I saw speak on the subject of SEO. Once you get past his love for plugging Microsoft services, then he is a very good speaker. Also representing too was Rand Fishkin, a true SEO heavyweight!

What amazes me is that in debating different search engine marketing techniques, so much effort is spent on debating which is better rather than using it as a forum for discussing how the synergies of both methods can be used to deliver value. I believe that SEO can deliver sustainable competitive advantage through excellent organic listings. Looking at the site portfolio I work on at work, I think SEO is the source of our competitive advantage. PPC has some great uses. It requires no investment, and you can deliver traffic in an instant. A particular interest for me is usability and converting traffic, so for that, PCC is great.

Anyway, if you haven’t already, check out the debate that was held. There are some really funny lines in it, especially by David Naylor. I Loved the Bing remark.

Is the Internet Developing it’s own Postmodern ‘Generation X’?


You could be forgiven for thinking it’s late December with the amount of Christmas promotion on television and in the supermarkets, but indeed it’s mid November. In fact, it’s my birthday celebrations on Friday and that’s what I’m looking forward to. However at work things are about to get interesting as we are launching our largest promotion ever.

Starting on Wednesday, we are giving away  a prize worth at least £500 a day. This amazing free giveaway is going to last 30 days, and so we have an incredible amount of stuff to give away. It’s going to be really interesting, but presents lots of opportunities and challenges along the way.

It’s going to be heavily social media based and I’m intrigued to see what the reaction is to it. Moonfruit have had great coverage with their social media campaigns, but reading some of the reactions among those who work in social media suggests that such campaigns aren’t as popular as some may think. ‘Generation X’ is a segment of the market which television advertisers have great difficulty in targeting. Teenagers who spend more time on the Internet and tend to be more cynical of advertising. Are such social media campaigns giving rise to an equivalent on the Internet?

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Preference Utilitarianism in Affiliate Marketing

Peter Singer

Peter Singer

If advertising as a vehicle promotes consumerism and contributes to the traits of capitalism that has adverse affects on society then it’s a sure bet that digital marketing, a career I’m starting conflicts with my aspirations to live a lifestyle consistent with preference utilitarianism.

In this article I make no defense  of the industry, but provide arguments that my own particular career path at present is one that minimises these adverse effects.

Firstly I would make the case that working in search marketing, a field of marketing that is a little more distant from traditional advertising. It is the case that with search marketing, the consumer knows what they want and my job is merely to help them find it. Whether or not that product or service that they are looking to buy is a necessary purchase or represents value is a different matter, but at least I am not creating false wants – only fulfilling them.

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