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Free Anchor Text Distribution Excel Spreadsheet

Anchor Text Distribution for OSE

This spreadsheet will allow you to quickly profile your competitor backlinks and identify what keywords they are likely to be targeting.

Simply copy and paste Open Site Explorer data into this spreadsheet, refresh the pivot table and you’ll see the top ten anchor texts used to link to a given website. In addition, a graph visually represents the distribution of anchor text. This graph will give some initial indicators on how natural the link profile of the website is. Download the link profile spreadsheet for free. Further instructions on how to use spreadsheet can be found below.

Step 1)

Go to OpenSiteExplorer.org and export a list external back links for a URL . You will need SEOmoz Pro membership for this.

Step 2)

Copy and paste the content of that CSV export into the spreadsheet, cell A22.

Step 3)

Refresh the pivot table. Right click in cell L22 and click ‘refresh’.

The spreadsheet should automatically populate the ten most frequently used and create a graph of the anchor text distribution.

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  • Malcolm Gibb |

    Absolutely brilliant! Have been looking for a quick template to visualise anchor text segmentation for a while. Really helps visualise if a link profile has too much exact matching.

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