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Future of Mobile Infographic from Three Mobile

Three Mobile have put together an infographic looking at the future of mobile on the back of some OnePoll research. There are some interesting statistics to highlight:

  • * Tablet adoption rate is set to nearly double in three years to 53%
  • * In four years time, there will be an explosion of 4g connections (10x!)
  • * By 2017 there will be transactions of $721bn on mobile devices
  • * That’s an impressive 50% of all transactions

For the past five years, the next year was touted to be the year of mobile. There can be no doubt that it’s now happened. Google reckoned 2013 would be the first year when mobile traffic would over take desktop traffic. Here at Havas Media Group, we’ve seen it happen for the first time on a couple of accounts last month, January 2014. Here a preview of the infographic, click on it to see the full version.

Future of Mobile

So, what do you think ?