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HTC One X 4.1 Jelly Bean Update 3G/ Mobile Data Problems

I figured that I would post this to help out anyone that may have encountered a similar problem this evening. I was most glad to see that an update was available for the One X – finally 4.1 was becoming available to SIM free handsets like mine. However, after successfully updating, I realized I wasn’t getting any mobile data or 3G connection. Using search engines, I wasn’t able to find anyone else with this problem or reporting it at least.

I did however find a solution. If you go to settings, then select ‘mobile data’ (not the on/off slider) you’ll get an array of options. Then select ‘access points’, then select your network (in my case everything everywhere). Boom, 3G connection restored!


  • Tony |

    Nice one. This happened to me just a few days after the update but what you advised worked perfectly. just wondering how many people it might be happening to…

  • Simon |

    I encountered the problem and thought I’d be having a difficult christmas….
    Then found your solution which worked perfectly.
    Thank you very much

  • grahambig cocky flockhart |

    Brilliant just what I needed to know after looking for a week next time I’ll just come n see you guys thank you very much !

  • Shaun |

    Thanks a lot! This has been bugging me since the update was released!

  • Mark |

    Been having the issue since the latest update, however just followed your solution and now it works perfectly.
    It’s people like you who help to make life that little bit easier.
    Thanks very much!!!

  • Maureen |

    Brilliant ! Thank you so much …have been messing all morning until I found this post…And oh so simple !!

  • basanty |

    Your. The best man . I have been having really hard time .. not any more thanks to u

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