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Is the Internet Developing it’s own Postmodern ‘Generation X’?


You could be forgiven for thinking it’s late December with the amount of Christmas promotion on television and in the supermarkets, but indeed it’s mid November. In fact, it’s my birthday celebrations on Friday and that’s what I’m looking forward to. However at work things are about to get interesting as we are launching our largest promotion ever.

Starting on Wednesday, we are giving away  a prize worth at least £500 a day. This amazing free giveaway is going to last 30 days, and so we have an incredible amount of stuff to give away. It’s going to be really interesting, but presents lots of opportunities and challenges along the way.

It’s going to be heavily social media based and I’m intrigued to see what the reaction is to it. Moonfruit have had great coverage with their social media campaigns, but reading some of the reactions among those who work in social media suggests that such campaigns aren’t as popular as some may think. ‘Generation X’ is a segment of the market which television advertisers have great difficulty in targeting. Teenagers who spend more time on the Internet and tend to be more cynical of advertising. Are such social media campaigns giving rise to an equivalent on the Internet?

Postmodern consumers are always resistant to advertising, and it’s a common known fact that the majority of clicks derived from advertising are from the minority. It is also reasonable to assume that the majority of social media users are more savvy than other users, and in turn may be more likely to feature postmodern traits. Therefore how much social media campaigns can these consumers take before they become saturated?

No one is to know, and it’s possibly that the firm that finds out will encounter a backlash. Advertisers had great difficulty in targeting ‘generation X’ and should a new one emerge from the Internet, then it presents a new challenge for digital marketeers. What will be the impact on display advertising, PPC or SEO? It’s this last advertising vehicle that is the least obtrusive and would seem to fare the best.

I however take the view that at least for the time being, these campaigns are worthy and will deliver results. With our campaign at work I’m very much looking to reading the response to our campaign and analysing the data to assess how successful it was. Hopefully we’ll appear on the Twitter emerging topics!

So, what do you think ?